Saving the planet one thing at a time is how I view the world, I guess. It is the motto for my business, Ooh! I Love That but also the way I live my life as a collector, photographer and DIYer.

Hi! I’m Patty. Wife to David, mom to Elizabeth and Meredith, and new mother-in-law to Brandon and soon-to-be to Matt. It’s exciting to see my family growing with these two wonderful men. Elizabeth and Brandon were married in March 2022 and Meredith and Matt will be married in April 2024. Family and friends mean everything to David and me.

By day, I work as an analyst performing post-production software testing on vehicles for an iconic automotive company and its brands. I love my job and it’s very good for my brain to have to think in the way the testing and analysis requires. The helps to balance my creative brain and my analytical brain and it keeps me on my toes with constant learning in this fast-paced business!!

I have a love, like most people, for beautiful things. Nature and this incredible planet inspire me to no end. I am in awe of the texture, vastness, colors and am in awe of it all so I love to travel and take in all the different cultures and places we are lucky enough to have access to and experience it all!

Nature, color texture, and other artists fuel my passion to create and my love for the planet and old things makes me want to recreate the items that someone no longer wants so that a new person can love them. I have a studio space in Allendale, NJ, filled with furniture and vintage goods that I will be selling from my studio, via my website or on live sales as well as painting and crafting live.

I hope that you will come and join me for a lot of fun, laughter, and creativity!